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Air conditioning ceiling cassettes are perfect for air conditioning in Shops, Offices, Medical centres, Veterinary practices, Restaurants and Bars. Available in a scope of sizes from many different manufactures we are able to provide and fit units from Daikin, LG, Fujitsu and more.

The ceiling cassette is composed of two elements – an internal and an external unit. The internal unit is fitted into a suspended ceiling in the area or room to be cooled and the external unit fitted outside on a wall, roof or solid base on the floor.

The Daikin Roundflow Ceiling cassettes are available in cooling only or combined with heat pumps with capacities from 3-14kw. Every air conditioning ceiling cassette has a distinctive 360° radial air pattern which guarantees uniform air flow and temperature distribution. The slim ‘Thin Body’ FCQ-C model has a low installation height, is exceptionally suited to applications in false ceilings and operates with less draught and low noise levels. Up to 3 ceiling cassettes can be attached to 1 outdoor heat exchange unit and operated from a single remote control. (Full automatic control of temperature, fan speed and mode of operation).

Generally, wall mounted air conditioners are used to heat the area in the winter as well as to cool in the summer. Available from a range of manufacturers including Daikin, LG and Fujitsu we are able to provide and fit wall mounted air conditioning units in both commercial and residential buildings.

Wall mounted air conditioners are also available in cooling only or cooling and heating modes. The most recent wall mounted air conditioning systems are very quiet in functioning and provide constant airflow and temperature distribution as well as providing air purification.

The smaller wall mounted units are satisfactory for small offices whilst the larger units are more suited to meeting rooms, boardrooms and open plan areas. Handheld or wall fixed remote controllers puts the user in control of their air-conditioning systems.

LG’s Art Cool air-conditioning units permit you to alter the look of your air conditioner as and when you want to. The Art Cool Gallery range is designed like a work of art allowing you to alter the ‘picture’ to one of your choice which includes your very own images.

LG air conditioning have introduced the Artcool Ultra Slim. Art Cool transforms air conditioning indoor units from just being a means to an end to a more sophisticated, stylish and easy on the eye pragmatic solution for cooling and heating. Available in many styles LG Art Cool air-conditioning has a unit to suit everyone.

Art Cool Mirror is available as a mirror finish, in silver or in blue (other colours available).

The most recent air conditioning units are quieter, making use of heat-pump Inverter technology. They are becoming ever more energy efficient and they are also more compact as the manufacturers try to provide air conditioning solutions acceptable for residential, commercial and industrial applications of all types and sizes.

The Redsquare Group in Swindon is an independent air conditioning supplier. As such we offer impartial advice across the major air conditioning manufacturers, providing and installing air conditioning products that are suitable for Factories, Shops, Offices, Banks, Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs, Coffee Shops to Hair Dressing Salons, Schools, Leisure Centres, Surgeries and more.

We take on air conditioning installations of all types and sizes, our goal is to provide a one-stop shop air conditioning service tailored to your specific needs and budget. Creative Air Conditioning provides air conditioners from a scope of manufacturers including Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG and Mitsubishi Electric.

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