Characteristics of Partitions

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Offices around the world have been changing dramatically over the past decade, with more people than ever working remotely from home or virtual offices, the structure of many businesses has changed significantly. Offices are now becoming more personalised and home-style, even in major office blocks. Office designs have moved away from the standard bland, greyscale they were before, to bright and colourful environments tailored to the company/person that will be inhabiting it.

Partitions are becoming more and more mainstream in office’s in recent years and there are many reasons for that. Throughout this post, we will be discussing why we think partitions are becoming more prominent, and how you could utilise a partition in your office space.

Stylish and Practical

Partitions can be used to create unique layouts within relatively standard office space. They can divide the space or create new spaces that can be utilised by the business to show off their creativity and distinguish themselves from any competitors. They can also be used to help separate working areas with social or meeting areas, which means offices with more than one person working within them, do not have to be disturbed with meetings or discussions.

Flexibility and Choice

Flexibility is key within the office, having spaces that can be used for multiple different functions will help you to keep costs down and have a more efficient environment. Partitions are also flexible in terms of the variety of different styles and materials that can be used to create the partition, and also where the partition can be placed.

There are so many choices when it comes to the materials and colours that can be used for a partition. Glass partitions have many variations in which they can be made, from single wall glazing to toughened glass floors and ceilings. This gives your office the opportunity to open up its internals to people who use or may be regularly visiting your offices.


In most cases, the building or space itself will stay relatively untouched whilst a partition is being installed, as the partition is designed and sculpted around the existing environment. The use of modern materials that are now used in partitions means that they are much easier to transport into, around and away from the space. Without the need for any structural, ground, brick and building required, means that costs can be squashed by using traditional brick walls. It will also take less time to design and install a partition, so there will be minimal disruption to work, and partitions can be easily taken down or changed, removing future costs and disruptions.


Partitions make use of modern materials to help strengthen their structures. Timber or metal frames can be used to help bolster partitions and panels can be fixed within the frames from a variety of different strong materials, that will withstand more the daily stresses put on an office.

These are our favourite characteristics of partitions, but partitions can be used in more than just the office! Partitions can be used in homes, shops, offices, restaurants and many more, they can also be used as firewalls. For our full range of partitions and other services please get in contact with us.