Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Requirements?

Creative Commercial Flooring

The Creative Construction Group can supply and fit commercial floor coverings to suit your business and budget requirements. Whether you’re looking for Carpet Tiles, Vinyl Flooring, Wooden Flooring or Ceramic Tiling and Resins, we will assist you in selecting the best floor covering for your interior space.

Choosing Commercial Flooring – Some Important Tips!

Select the right flooring for your workspace; Ideally, you need to select the right flooring to create an aesthetically pleasing workplace that is both comfortable, practical and safe for your workforce. Make the wrong choice here and you will be left with a floor that does not stand up to everyday use, is difficult to maintain and may even threaten your workforce’s safety.

You also need to consider the budget you have for the flooring; this is usually the main factor in a decision. It is a two-way street however, the costlier options will typically last longer, while the cheaper alternatives may have to be replaced after just a few years. There are options which fall in the middle and some of the cheaper floors can last for a considerable time.

With these things in mind, this guide will briefly show the pros and cons of the multiple flooring options available to you.

Flooring Options –


Carpet is great for absorbing noise, so it is ideal where employees need a quiet environment to work. A carpeted interior gives a warm feel and can undoubtedly look impressive. However, do not confuse the plush carpet you have at home with the more durable carpets designed specifically for the workplace. Commercial carpets are designed to withstand the day-to-day wear-and-tear of the workplace and usually come with stain resistant assets.

Carpets typically need more maintenance than hard floors. Also bear in mind how even a small area of staining or damage may mean the whole carpeted area has to be replaced, causing significant expense and disruption.

Carpeted Staircase

Carpet Tiles

Like traditional wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles can create a warm and welcoming work environment. Generally, a far more convenient and budget-friendly option to traditional carpet. Carpet tiles are well equipped to deal with the demands of the workplace.

As well as hard wearing, single carpet tiles can be easily replaced if damaged, with minor expense or inconvenience.

Although many modern offices choose to adopt plain tiles throughout the workplace, the imagination can be let loose, as you can use carpet tiles to a more stylish and artistic effect. With a wide colour and design range, carpet tiles can match or complement your business colours. Alternatively, a mix of colours can be used to make patterns or arranged to make an office look bigger. Carpet tiles can also be used to direct foot traffic around the office complex.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl flooring and floor tiles are now a popular option for commercial workplaces. High-quality vinyl flooring, in particular, has the advantage of giving an office a contemporary look of an authentic wood, stone or marble floor, but at a much cheaper price.

Nowadays vinyl flooring can match or better the durability of real wood or stone! Working well in high-traffic areas, it is easy to maintain, resistant to spills and is good at dampening sound.

Previously companies might have had concerns about the environmental credentials of vinyl flooring. Now modern advances in vinyl flooring should remove any obstacles for meeting environmental standards – with vinyl tiles now showcasing A/A+ BRE Greenguide ratings.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring can be a good choice in busy commercial environments. Hard-wearing and resistant to liquids, heat and slipping; rubber flooring is easy to maintain and is excellent at reducing noise. The eco-friendly benefits of rubber can help companies reach their environmental objectives too, and rubber flooring is available in a range of colours – not just black!

Hardwood Floors

A hardwood floor can look stunningly impressive, especially in a home office or financial/legal working environment. Wood floors are environmentally friendly, easy to clean, durable (especially ‘engineered wood’), are relatively low maintenance and keep their good looks for long periods of time. (That said, definitely take extra care when moving furniture and office chairs on a hardwood floor!)

Wood is not a good choice if there is any chance of spilling liquids or in high humidity locations both of which can create expensive damage to your floor. Also, consider if your workplace needs high levels of hygiene; wood floors don’t deal well with harsh/wet cleaning products. Consider if the continued sounds of shoes on a wooden floor may be too loud and become a distraction in your workplace.

Whichever flooring option you decide to put into your workplace, it is always recommended to speak to a professional commercial flooring contractor. Use their experience and knowledge of what will and won’t work well as a flooring solution in your workspace. At The Creative Construction Group, we are always pleased to discuss potential flooring projects with clients. We have considerable expertise in this area and are more than happy to use that to help our clients.

Why Is The Creative Construction Group a Great Choice For Your Commercial Flooring?

With The Creative Construction Group, you will be working with an experienced team of staff that hold a substantial wealth of knowledge and have the flexibility to work in harmony with your business needs. We understand the difficulties that can emerge during refurbishment and need for you to keep a busy working office productive. Our highly skilled fitters are experienced in safely moving office furniture and are also prepared to work out of office hours to help avoid disturbance to your daily working routine.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial flooring requirements. We’d be delighted to hear from you.