Four ways to make your office a better place to work!

Four Ways To Make Your Office A Better Place To Work

Your office should be your home away from home whilst at work, so making it as comfortable and practical as possible should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. During this article, we will be discussing 5 ways to make your office space a more enjoyable, efficient, healthier and better place to work in. Happy staff are not just more productive within the working environment, but they are also more likely to stay loyal to the organisation.

Break Areas

Staying seated at a desk all day isn’t healthy for anyone’s body and mind, so creating spaces in which staff can socialise with others for a few minutes while they step away from their desk is a great way to help them stay healthy. It will also help them meet new people and connect with others within the business, which can help to improve productivity, whilst allowing for short breaks from their daily tasks. Having informal areas dotted around your business space will allow for staff to improve communication with others and can allow for meetings and other business-related events to go on in a less intimidating environment.

The Great Outdoors

Providing staff with ways to escape the office environment and take a breath a fresh air will help to keep staff content, and are also great and unconventional ways to help professional discussions and meetings. Places like a nearby park are great as they help to soften the business environment. You can also use the outdoors to help your staff escape the daily stresses of being trapped inside an office all day, getting them away from their computer screens and the constant ringing of phones. This change of scenery will help to relax and clear their mind of the business environment.

Office Design and Interior

Making sure your office design, layout and interior match the atmosphere you wish to create for your staff will help to invigorate staff members and improve efficiency. Create spaces in which staff can focus solely on work and other spaces where they can socialise with others or work in an informal environment. Designing spaces for business events can be difficult because you want to make it look professional whilst not being overwhelming or intimidating. This can be counteracted by creating multiple spaces where professionals can hold events and meeting in multiple atmospheres. Creating informal and formal spaces in which business meetings and events can take place, is a great way to ensure that you have the correct facility for different occasions.

Desk Space

There are many ways in which staff members prefer to sit or stand in some cases. Allowing for spaces in which people are able to have standing desks and spaces for more conventional office desks is a great to make sure all staff members are comfortable within their work environment. Also making sure that staff are not working with computers or other technology for extended periods of time will also help with staff members health. Providing staff members with ergonomic chairs will also help them to sit correctly preventing them from having poor posture. Another nice thing for staff is allowing to keep a number of personal items such as photos on their desk, this will help them feel for more comfortable, this can work hand in hand with the interior design.

Allowing staff to personalise their surroundings whilst at work is one of the major ways of creating a more efficient and overall better working environment. There are many more ways to help improve efficiency and create a more enjoyable experience, try implementing a few of these and you may be surprised by the results.

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