Guide to Choosing Office Furniture

A Helpful Guide to Choosing Office Furniture

  • How do you ensure you make the right choice when purchasing office furniture?
  • What kind of factors should you be considering?
  • What are the latest trends?
  • Should you spend more money on better quality or comfortable furniture?

These are all questions that should be asked by businesses and individuals when trying to devise a new office space or refurbish an existing office.

Be aware that a well-designed, well organised, comfortable and well-built office, will improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff. So what are you looking for? Continue reading and find our tips that will give you inside information, before you start buying your office furniture.

Well-Built, Stylish Furniture

When looking for office furniture, an immediate challenge is that there is just so much choice and most items can be manufactured or altered to cater to your specific needs. You should always look at choosing well-built furniture, this will lengthen lifespans before they need to be replaced, the last thing you need is to spend money on furniture that either breaks or is not comfortable to use on a daily basis. Choosing cheaper furniture is a bad idea, as in the long run, you will end up spending more money replacing it.

Much like other items, such as clothes or equipment, look for a brand that has been recognised for the quality of their products. If you want help then The Creative Construction Group are experts in the supply, installation and servicing of office furniture, and only use the best products on the market.We’d be delighted to assist you.

Stylish Office Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture

Is it worth spending more money on ergonomic furniture? In our opinion that is a definite yes. Take a step back and think, where is the place that most people spend the majority of their working day? Typically this will be at their desk/workstation. Meaning a comfortable chair is a must, also you need to ensure that the chair is safe, along with all the other furniture like desks, drawers, units etc. All need to be safe to prevent any accidents from occurring.

It is also worth mentioning that ergonomic furniture will not now break the bank either. The Creative Construction Group provide a large range of ergonomic furniture to suit any budget. At the end of the day, you may end up losing out in lost productivity for marginal savings in furniture cost. For instance, if staff develop health issues due to low quality, inappropriate furniture, then not only will you lose productivity but you could be held accountable for the causing their ill health.

It isn’t only chairs that need to be ergonomic, desks or workstations need to be too. This can be taken care of by the use of height-adjustable desks, sit and standing desks and monitor arms that can allow a staff member to create a comfortable work area for themselves.

Breakout Furniture

I think it is safe to say that nobody wants to be stuck sat at their desk all day or be forced to sit in plastic chairs for 30 minutes on their break, which means that comfortable ‘breakout’ and rest area furniture should be considered when designing an office space.

It is important to ensure that your breakout space is comfortable and versatile, although it may be primarily used as a reception area, for example, it can double as an informal meeting room or breakout area for staff. Ensuring that these areas are suitably placed is also an important factor, you don’t really want a rest space in the middle of a busy open-plan office. You may wish to have it centred in the office to allocate space for spontaneous meetings or collaborative work, but you do not want clients or visitors to be able to hear what staff members are talking about, especially if you may be dealing with sensitive or confidential information.

The Creative Construction Group supply and install all types and styles of furniture, our breakout furniture ranges come in a variety of different styles, colours and finishes, this means we can create a space that is crafted specifically to your requirements.

Storage Furniture

Have you ever been into an office that is packed with desks and flooded with paper and various documents? Where every desk is littered with an abundance of office equipment and paper stacks. I would imagine it did not leave the best impression on you.

Each and every office needs space to be able to store files and equipment that is not used on a day to day basis. For such items, they can be placed in a filing cabinet or set of shelves. For items that may be used day to day, like pens, staplers and hole punches, there are various ways in which these can be stored. Some allow you to keep them out of the way like a set of drawers, and others allow them to be kept on your desk. Either way, there are plenty of ways to store all sorts of items.

Maintaining a tidy desk/work/office space is a sure fire way to help keep a higher level of productivity. This is because you will only have the documents or items that you need at any given time, therefore you don’t have to go on a frustrating hunt for the documents or items needed to complete the task at hand.

You may also find it handy to remove cables from your floor space, you can do this in many ways, but a simple and effective way is to tie cables together, and use an under desk cable management system. This way you keep all the wires up out of the way, and you can easily find which cable you need in the event that you have to get to them.

Alternative Furniture – Partitioning Screens

The use of partition screens is becoming increasingly desirable. They can help to transform and open plan office into sections, as they are not fixed they can be moved around and used anywhere in the office. They help to create areas in which collaborative work or meetings can take place. Acoustic screens are the best option for these rooms, as they help to absorb the sound, creating a sense of privacy.

Partition screens can also be used to; separate workers, display company branding and much more. Partition screens generally have a fabric like finish to one side, allowing for staff to pin documents or other important things to the boards. This can also help with productivity, as some staff may prefer to be in an enclosed office, which the screens will help to mimic.

Low Partition Screens Within An Open Plan Office Space

Overall there are multiple factors to consider when choosing the right furniture to go into your office. Every office worker would like and should have a productive and comfortable work area that is safe, well-built and aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, the information presented here has made you aware of some of the things to think about when looking for office furniture.

But at the end of it all – don’t forget, the professionals are ready to help, call us on +44 (0)179 368 0283 to speak to one of our office furniture specialists.