Guide to Shopfitting

Guide To Shopfitting


If you are running a shop then your number one priority is to attract customers to your store. However this is only the first step; to run a successful retail outlet you must get your customers to stay and buy products and ideally, come back again and again.

We all know just how tough it is in retail right now, so if sales are falling and you are looking for a way of turning that around or if sales are good but you are looking to stay ahead of your competitors, then it may be time to consider an image upgrade.

One of the best ways to do this is to hire a retail shopfitter. A professional shopfitter will get to know your business, consider your brand, and redesign and refurbish your retail space accordingly. Whether you’re running a boutique or a pharmacy, by providing your customers with a positive shopping experience your sales will increase.

Shopfitting – What is it?

Shopfitting refers to the process of planning and designing a shop layout, and the kitting out the space with equipment, fixtures and fittings. It takes into account your own brand and image, comparing it with current styles and trends in the market. The goal is to make your store interesting and attractive, yet functional – allowing customers to move through the store freely and with ease, and to engage with your brand and merchandise.

In order to entice customers into your space, it is important to think like a customer. Whereas in the past shop fitting mainly consisted of installing shelves, counters and other basic fixtures, nowadays focus has shifted to a modern, smart and attractive presentation. Hiring a professional shopfitter to change the layout and style of the store at regular intervals will help to keep it fresh and modern, and continuously appealing to customers.

The Shopfitting Process

Shopfitting is a complex process. Typically, it begins with a survey of available space and current space usage, in order to determine how space can be utilised to its maximum potential.

The next step is to create a design. Every aspect of the space should be considered in relation to the identity of the brand that you are selling. Some of the core factors to consider are as follows:

Layout –

A well-thought-out shop floor out will not only help the customer to find what they are looking for quickly but guide them around the entire store. A professional, experienced shopfitting company will be able to advise on floor plans, customer flow and positioning of merchandise for maximum effect.

Lighting –

Any shopfitting company worth their salt should be able to advise on your lighting placement and the intensity of your chosen lighting. Lighting is a critical factor in creating the right atmosphere for your store, helping to deliver the shopping experience that best reflects your brand. LED lighting can not only help to create an attractive ambience but will significantly reduce electricity bills.

Refrigeration / Air Conditioning –

Not only might temperature have a direct influence on the shelf life of your stock, but it also plays an often overlooked part of the shopping experience of your customer. Professional shopfitting companies will be able to advise on the most suitable and energy efficient solutions, as well as supply and install the relevant units.

Flooring / Joinery / Shelving –

Working closely with a range of manufacturers, a professional shopfitter will be able to offer bespoke solutions according to your specifications – from floor to ceiling.

While the interior design of the store should be aesthetically appealing if it is to attract new customers, care should be taken that it is suitable for the kind of products you are planning to display. Fixtures and fittings such as shelving, display cabinets and lighting should not only be designed to give maximum exposure to the merchandise but should be practical and safe too.

Benefits of using a Shopfitting Business

As can be seen, shopfitting is a difficult and time-consuming process. Without the support of professional shopfitting services, it can be an overwhelming prospect.

If you employed The Creative Construction Group for your shopfitting project we will take care of everything, from initial design to installation of the merchandise, walking you through the process and drawing upon our valuable experience to offer design solutions that will really make your retail space stand out. Our team of dedicated and talented professionals will ensure that the fitting runs smoothly, to schedule and with minimum disruption – allowing you to focus on the all-important running of your business and providing you with peace of mind.

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