Make the Most of Your Office Space

Office Space

For many start-up and small businesses, office space is something that you most likely will not have a lot of. If you have a tight budget and don’t have the means of moving to a bigger office, but your staff numbers continue to grow, then making the most of the space you have is crucial. We have compiled a list of ideas that can help you make the most of the space you have.

Paper Reduction

Is your office space taken up by a lot of files, paper and other documents? Storage solutions like filing cabinets, take up a large amount of space, especially when they are not in use. Most of your recent documents will most likely be digital, so making digital copies of older files is a great way to reduce the amount of physical space taken up.

Smaller Furniture

The days of needing a large desk are over. With a vast majority of files now stored on computers or on cloud-based software, the practicality of big desks has been removed and now they just get in the way. Smaller furniture is another budget-friendly way of maximising floor space, things like standing desks take up less space as is there is no need for a chair.

Mezzanine Flooring

If your office environment has a small floor space but has plenty of vertical space, a mezzanine floor will be the perfect solution to make the most of the space you are currently wasting. Installing a mezzanine floor in your office environment opens up a number of opportunities such as storage, work areas, break/social areas, meeting rooms and more.


Continuing with a spotlight on vertical space, shelving is another way to make use of empty space higher up in your working environment. Utilising space that is wasted and makes space on your floor. Using contemporary or stylish shelving can help to create a warm office space.

Separate Areas

If certain aspects or activities involving your workforce are struggling with space, why not try to divide and allocate specific spaces for certain activities, e.g. working, meeting rooms, social/break areas. This will allow spaces such as meeting rooms to be available at short notice. Meeting rooms can also double as collaborative or creative workspaces, as most meeting rooms are relatively open plan and are designed for communication.

This also means that you can have specific furniture for the separate areas. Meeting rooms, creative, collaborative and social/break areas can have bigger furniture like couches and large tables, whereas working areas will have smaller furniture like single desks and office chairs.

Open Plan

Taking away any walls within your office will generate more space, alongside changing the overall feel of the entire office. It allows you to place desks wherever you want, allowing for a more space-efficient floor plan, as well as allowing your workers to freely collaborate and share ideas with their co-workers. It also allows for flexibility within the space, as furniture or specific areas can be moved around and reworked into the floor plan if needed.

There are many different ways in which you can create space within an office, big or small. The topics that we talked about throughout this article are some of the ways that you can keep costs down in comparison to buying or leasing larger premises. We would like to think that we have sparked some ideas, to help you make the most of your space.

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