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Mezzanine Floor Guide

Mezzanine Floors – created to meet your business needs.

For many years, Creative Mezzanines has been the largest and most innovative distributor of mezzanine floors in the UK market. At the heart of this success has been its substantial investment to create QD3 Pro, the most advanced computer-based mezzanine floor production management system on the market today. The result is a process that delivers a higher specification of a floor for less; on time and as required, time after time. Higher quality, lighter-weight floors incorporating unique design features come as standard; as does the peace of mind you get in knowing that you have selected the ultimate mezzanine floor system.

Why a Creative Mezzanine Floor?

Each Creative floor includes bespoke design, the latest in lightweight steel structures, high-quality powder-coated ancillaries in a wide choice of colours, fully integrated edge protection systems and moisture resistant decking as standard. All mezzanines are designed by Creative to meet individual customer requirements and are produced to meet BRE Digest 437 requirements as well as all relevant British Standards. The result is a mezzanine floor that is widely acknowledged to be the ultimate in terms of design, quality and finish.

Installation is carried out through a network of specialists, locally based teams experienced and qualified in the handling and erection of mezzanine floors. All team members operate to appropriate site safety protocols approved and monitored by our appointed health and safety consultant. Creative has even developed its enhanced Netsafe system of safety procedures to address the unique risks associated with the installation of complex structures within existing buildings. Operatives are fully insured and trained to operate required equipment and are certified to nationally approved standards. All teams have completed the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and, where appropriate, are also SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) trained.

Mezzanine Solutions for Warehousing & Distribution

Creative’s efficient integrated mezzanine production system, QD3 Pro, optimises the design and production process so effectively that Creative floors have been installed in some of the largest warehousing and distribution centres in the UK. The floors can be installed as single, double or triple tier systems incorporating full fire protection, safety barriers and access equipment as required.

Production & Storage Mezzanine Floors

Creative mezzanine floors have become increasingly popular with manufacturing and production businesses as the drive to increase productivity and flexibility from existing facilities gathers pace. Existing buildings need to be used flexibly and wasted space minimised whilst a safe and secure working environment is maintained. Creative takes full design and engineering responsibility for ensuring that floors meet all Building Regulation requirements and are fit for purpose. Creative’s QD3 Pro system optimises the use of space within both existing and new facilities by calculating the most efficient mezzanine design solution. In this way, Creative mezzanines maximise storage capacity and increase returns from dedicated storage facilities.

Office Floors

Many commercial premises offer excessive, unused headroom which is unproductive and expensive to heat or cool. A Creative mezzanine floor can transform this wasted space into productive office space with minimal disruption and can allow a business to expand considerably within its existing premises. Intelligent design solutions and high standards of finish make Creative floors suitable for any use from a simple office storage area to a prestige office environment.

Retail Floors

The combination of lightweight construction, superior powder-coated finish and a wide range of colour options makes a Creative mezzanine ideal for retail environments. Whether you need a seamless addition to your sales floor area, more back-of-store storage or extended office space, a mezzanine floor will probably be your cheapest and most flexible option. Fast installation to an agreed schedule by Creative’s experienced engineers ensures that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and that additional floor space is brought to productive use according to plan.

Standard Features

All Creative mezzanine floors include a number of innovative features designed to improve functionality, enhance the appearance or meet safety standards. These include:

Edge Protection System:

Creative’s unique edge-protection system provides a functional and very neat solution that integrates both the handrail and toe plate into the handrail post.

The 100mm high flat-sided oval profile of the steel toe plate slots into the centre of the handrail post providing a robust edge with no sharp edges or bolts visible. The toe plate conforms to BS5395: Part 3 and is designed to sustain a characteristic uniformly distributed imposed horizontal loading of 1.0kN/m and a characteristic point load of 0.5kN. The Toe Plate is powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention.

The 1120mm high rolled hollow section handrail posts are set at 1500mm centres and include tubular hand and knee rails running through the centre of the post giving a bolt-free finish. The handrail is designed to safely sustain a minimum characteristic imposed horizontal line loading of 0.74kN/m. The rails and posts are powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention.

Powder Coated Finish:

All our mezzanine floors include high-quality powder coated finishes to all ancillary items including staircases, handrail posts and tubes, steel kickplates, safety gates, sliding access gates and swing gates within the standard specification.

Powder coating provides high corrosion resistance, optimum mechanical properties and excellent gloss retention. Available in a wide range of colours, Creative’s powder coated ancillaries ensure that your new mezzanine can reflect your corporate colour scheme at no extra cost.

All beams, columns and landing frames will be finished in Graphite Grey full gloss paint as standard – other colours are available on request.


Creative designs appropriate staircases into each project and provide advice regarding relevant Building Regulations. Recently introduced legislation, for example, requires that at least one Ambulant Disabled Staircase (ADS) complying with Approved Document M of the Building Regulations should be fitted to mezzanine floors used for storage and that, in addition, a lift should be provided for office use.

Creative’s approved inspector can advise you on the regulations and show those instances where a simpler Type K staircase may be an acceptable alternative or situations where a single ADS may alleviate the need for a lift.

All Creative staircases are powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention.


All Creative floors are supplied as standard with moisture-resistant decking. This ensures that the integrity and safety of the decking is maintained, should it become wet; an important safety enhancement that is often provided as an optional extra on floors produced by other manufacturers. This, together with increased column sections that provide greater stability, is also a requirement of BRE Digest 437.

BRE Digest 437:

As the purchaser of a mezzanine floor, you may not be aware that the Government, due to persistent reports of failure in design and performance of mezzanine platforms, has just published its minimum design guidance for industrial platforms known as Digest 437. This guidance is the result of two years consultation with structural engineers and the mezzanine floor industry.

The Digest establishes a new improved minimum design standard, to give the user a ‘fit for purpose’ and safe solution.

Any deviation from the recommendations contained in the Digest may save money but will reduce performance and could put the user at risk through failure of the platform. All Creative mezzanine floors meet the requirements of Digest 437 within their standard specification.

Creative Mezzanines Quoting Guidelines 

The following quoting guidelines are to be used with the Enquiry Form and have been designed to help you to provide the information required to produce an accurate quotation. In order to provide you with the most competitive prices, we operate a very precise quoting system as part of our QD3 Pro mezzanine production system. This system is based on the information that you provide to us so it is very important that the details are accurate. This guide will help you to fill in the form accurately and to understand why we need each piece of information. Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries.

1.0 Site Details –

1.1 Full Site Address:

Remember to include the postcodes as this ensures that we allow the correct delivery cost.

1.2 Required Delivery Date: 

Due to the uncertainty of the steel market, we can only guarantee our price for three months from the date of quotation. For installation dates outside the three months, we can still quote as we allow a percentage increase but we would still need to re-quote once this date falls within the three month period. Should the steel price have remained stable or fallen our quotation would be updated to reflect this.

1.3 Access Into the Building:

Please advise type of access, whether a roller shutter door or a single or double doorway, giving maximum accessible height and width of the opening as this will determine the plant to be used for installation.

1.4 Travel Distance to Build Area: 

All materials are delivered on the first day of the installation so it’s important to know the distance from the offloading point to the area of build, to determine the building program.

1.5 Site Conditions: 

Will the build area be free of any obstructions? Is the floor to be built over existing shelving, racking, work stations, machinery or ground floor offices, W.C’s or store rooms? Again it is very important when determining the build programme and type of lifting equipment.

1.6 Site Amenities: 

Please confirm whether power and lighting are available on site.

1.7 Ground Slab: 

To determine whether the slab is suitable for the newly imposed loads we will need to know whether the slab is reinforced or not, the slab and hardcore thickness, is the ground bearing pressure known and is there any undulation to the slab? If any of these are not known further investigation may be required in the form of tests.

1.8 Building Regulation: 

All mezzanine floors require building control and fire regulation approval. Please confirm whether you require Creative to obtain this or will it be obtained by someone else? If someone else, please confirm who.

1.9 Plant: 

Who will be supplying the plant?

2.0 Floor Details –

2.1 Floor Size: 

When measuring the length and width make sure these are the overall dimensions. Often warehouse buildings are constructed of a steel frame with a block-work dado wall and cladding above. This cladding sits on the outside of the dado wall and a common mistake is to only measure between the walls.

Lenght and Width: Allow for depth of dado walls.

Height: Specify whether clear under to deepest beam or finished floor level is specified, check the height of dado walls, check existing areas if matching.

2.2 Column Grid: 

Establish use for the underfloor area (i.e. Shelving or Racking, Production, Pallet Storage, Forklift Travel) bearing in mind that an economic grid between 3m and 4m.

2.3 Loading: 

BS6399: Part 1 gives dead loads and minimum recommended characteristic imposed loads for floors of office, retail, industrial and warehouses etc. The Code provides uniformly distributed loads per metre height of storage.For ‘general storage’ the Code recommends a uniformly distributed imposed loading of 2.4kN/m2 per metre of available storage height.

For ‘general storage’ the Code recommends a uniformly distributed imposed loading of 2.4kN/m2 per metre of available storage height.2m of available storage height = 4.8kN/m2

2m of available storage height = 4.8kN/m2

Examples of use; hand pallet truck up to 500kg, Shelving with bay loads up to 400kg.

3m of available storage height = 7.2kN/m2

Examples of use; hand pallet truck up to 750kg,  Shelving with bay loads up to 500kg.

For Shelving or Racking with bay loads exceeding 500kg please advise layout and base-plate size.

For offices – general use with partitions = 3.5kN/m2

2.4 Decking: 

The industry standard is 38mm moisture resistant particle board. Other types available are:

  • 38mm Particle Board with Class ‘0’ spread of flame
  • Chequer or plain steel plate
  • Open mesh flooring

3.0 Ancillary Details – 

3.1 Staircases & Landings: 

Mezzanine floors intended for storage use will have at least on Ambulant Disabled Staircase (ADS). Production, office and retail floors where persons are likely to be on the floor for long periods of time must have one ADS and a lift.Some projects may require a lesser standard of access (conforming to the existing Approved Document K), these may include:

Some projects may require a lesser standard of access (conforming to the existing Approved Document K), these may include:

1. Storage floors where it is considered that the storage use of the floor would prevent disabled or frail people from carrying out work tasks associated with the use.

2. Office floors where the new first floor does not constitute a unique facility as an employee or visitor with access difficulties could be accommodated in office facilities on the ground floor.

If the End User wishes to provide an Access Statement then for storage floors conforming to Approved Document K would be acceptable and, for office floors, an ambulant staircase would be acceptable without the need for a lift.

3.2 Edge Protection: 

Creatives unique edge-protection system provides a functional and very neat solution that integrates both handrail and toe plate into the handrail post, also available without a toe plate. For public environments, an alternative system may be required and details are available upon request.

3.3 Gates:

Designed to protect personnel at exposed opening points at the floor edge, safety gates can have a light-weight, fail-safe roll-over operation or be of the sliding ‘trombone’ type. they can accommodate standard sized pallets and require virtually no maintenance. The gates are powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention.

4.0 Additional Notes/Sketches of the layout.

Raised Storage Areas Without Fire Resistance