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office interiors partitioning 1The Redsquare Group are experts in the supply and installation of office partitioning, glazed partitioning and frameless glass partitioning including all types of office walls and glass walls. Our extensive knowledge of installing office partition walls mean we create stylish, modern and professional office interiors.

Office partitioning is a perfect solution to provide steadfast and independent workspaces in a busy working office. Redsquate are the office partition experts.

Glass partitioning can be the perfect solution to constructing meeting rooms or separate offices within the confines of an open plan office area, which establishes quiet or private areas away from disturbances by other team members or general office activity.

Partitions are becoming an increasingly popular solution in modern offices, providing privacy and soundproofing within an open floor plan environment. Partitions offer a range of additional benefits to the employer, employee and the workplace as a whole, including light reflection, flexible division of individual departments, an attractive aesthetic and professional appearance. Typically made from wood panels, metal alloys and glass, they are functional, easily and quickly installed, and require minimal structural modification. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and hues, can be custom designed to fit in with the space around them. Options include demountable partitions, glazed partitions and moveable partitions.
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Office Partitions – key benefits

The primary benefits of office partitioning are listed below:

Cost savings and efficiency

Glass partitions can reduce office electricity drastically, maximizing natural light and providing insulation. Partitioning means that fewer rooms need to remain lit and heated with lighting, also reducing energy expenditure. In addition, Office partitions are a less costly means of far more cost of dividing office space than having permanent walls constructed.

Privacy for productivity

As well as reducing noise levels in the office, partitions can increase staff focus and concentration by separating employees without isolating them. The partitions create an element of personal space for each employee, sectioning their work areas and allowing them to focus on their own work without distraction.

Natural light

As indicated above, glass partitions create a bright and pleasant working environment by filtering natural light. By ensuring that staff are not deprived of natural light, workforce morale and productivity are increased. The clear glass in place of walls also creates a bigger impression of open space, providing a more positive, welcoming environment to work in. The added light and sense of open space can also make a favourable impression on visitors and clients, and influence a company’s success.
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The ease of installation and removal of partition screens allows for greater flexibility in the event of future expansion or rearrangement of the work area. Some partitions are designed to be folded and reinstalled according to the situation, such as a relocation. This has the effect of reducing manufacturing costs and means that the company is not limited to set spaces.


Partitions come in a range of materials and styles, including aluminium, timber, plasterboard and glass. The wide choice available means that you can try out the design that best suits your company’s culture and colour scheme, as well as your budget. Regardless of your individual requirements, there will always be a suitable solution to meet the needs of your company.

Office Partitions – right for your business?

As can be seen, partitions provide a wide range of benefits for an office space, particularly soundproofing and filtering of natural light. If you are looking for a practical and suitable space solution for your office, it is worth seeking the advice of an expert office designer who will be able to recommend a range of partition options appropriate to your needs and budget.

At The Redsquare Group, we have years of valuable experience and expertise in the design and installation of all types of office partitions. So whatever your requirements if you are considering partitioning an office or workspace, please contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you and are more than happy to help you with advice, guidance and prices if required. Contact us today!

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