Refurbishment or New Fit-Out?

Refurbishment or New Fit-Out?

Here at The Creative Construction Group, we have helped many customers to refurbish their existing workplace or create a new working environment within new premises. A refurbishment is a much more cost-effective way of changing a working environment, whereas moving to a new premises may drastically change the environment for better or for worse. Our office interiors and shop fitting teams can create a durable yet flexible environment for your business and our construction and facilities management teams can build and keep your premises in perfect condition.

The first step is to decide whether you can stay in your existing premises or whether you want or need to vacate and move into a new building. Sometimes you may be forced into vacating and move into new premises because of space issues e.g. You need more storage or you need more office space for staff. Alongside these constraints you will also have to think about time and money, not only how long will it take to find a new building or how long a refurbishment will take and how much they will cost, you will have to account for how long your staff will not be able to work within the existing space; and whether they will be able to work during a refurbishment or whilst moving into new premises.

After deciding whether you are going to refurbish your existing or move into new premises, then it is time to decide and produce ideas of what you want the interior to look like. From what equipment is going where, to mapping out a floor plan of where your staff will be positioned. Once you have an idea this, then it is time to select your furniture, flooring and decorations for the premises. Different areas of the premises can be used in multiple ways and this is the time to create a diverse and unique layout that can help your business to grow. Having spaces that staff can use for formal events and informal events depending on the customer, can help to build a stronger bond between you and your clients.

Moving into a new premises can be a struggle at the best of times, with the stress of having a deadline and having to spend extra money to contain your business. It isn’t all that bad though, as moving to a new premises can rebrand your company, it can bring you closer to your clients and companies that are within the same industry as you, or who may need your services. This can your company to grow and can help with expanding your customer base, this is particularly helpful if you are a smaller company and you are moving to new premises that will be closer to your clients.

Our team has over 25 years of experience within the building and refurbishment industry, so our team are able to tackle any project you throw at them. We have a number of skilled and experienced staff on the road and we are designed to be the fastest most efficient and cost-effective way of solving your property maintenance and building needs. Designed from concept to completion by highly experienced professionals, our team is made up of time-served, multi-skilled, fully trained and qualified tradespeople who are organised to deliver outstanding customer service and technical excellence.

Take a look at a recent refurbishment project we have just completed, from start to finish in just 2 weeks:




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