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The Redsquare Group are experienced in supplying and fitting our customers with their Shelving & Racking requirements. Our comprehensive range of products includes pallet racking, shelving, personal storage lockers, cupboards and much more.We install the following shelving systems:

Static Shelving

Stormor Shelving is an incredibly versatile storage system that is suitable for a range of applications across various industries. With a choice of three uprights available – Mono, Duo and Solo – Stormor offers the perfect answer to your customers’ storage requirements – whatever their working environment

Stormor Euro Shelving is the heavy duty offering from our Stormor Shelving range. While the Mono, Solo and Duo versions are primarily designed for office use, Euro Shelving is ideal for more robust storage requirements in warehouses, archives and industrial storerooms – although all four options are versatile enough to be used in each environment as required.

Just is a multi-purpose economic shelving system appropriate for a range of working environments across various sectors.

There are several key advantages of  Just Shelving System, including offering easy access to the stored items from all directions.

There is a comprehensive range of highly adaptable small parts storage systems designed to bring order and organisation to your workspace.

Products include Plastic Drawer Units and Containers, Louvred Panels and Feeder Trolleys – all of which can be used independently or combined to form a complete, fully integrated, storage system.

When it comes to organising small parts, Just Kanban storage system is the perfect solution for quick and easy item access.

Designed for manufacturing, assembly and production line assistance, Just Kanban storage bays let our customers organise their small parts, the way they need them.

Tiered Shelving

This solution is ideal where floor space is limited or there is good height available in your premises. Instead of carrying out expensive rebuilding or relocation procedures, multi-tier storage systems let you get more from your existing capabilities.

By utilising the full height of a workspace, multi-tier solutions can vastly increase a building’s overall storage capacity and even help increase productivity levels by linking the levels in an efficient manner.

Mobile Shelving

When storage requirements are growing and floor space is expensive, Mobile Shelving is the perfect solution.

Mobile Shelving Systems for libraries, offices, retail or industrial settings are cost-effective storage products that save you money by innovatively increasing storage capacity

Move aside mobile shelving systems are an excellent way of increasing the available storage space in an office or commercial environment. In fact, it can improve overall storage capacity by between 75% and 90% compared to conventional static shelving by simply doubling the number of units against a wall.

Light Duty Mobile Shelving System is a high-density storage solution, ideal for commercial workspaces. Whether you require a filing system for complex or confidential archives and records or storage of any other material commonly found in contemporary offices or retail stockrooms, the light-duty option gives you secure storage and quick and easy retrieval when required.

Widely known as the LD250, this Light Duty shelving system is operated manually using a push and pull action with comfortable easy-to-grip handles.

Medium Duty Mobile Shelving products are a great space-saving storage option, suitable for use in a range of workplaces.

With an impressive maximum bay load of 500kg, they can be used for lighter requirements in offices or archive facilities, or for heavier storage needs, for example, stockrooms or shop floors in retail environments or in industrial settings. As a slightly more robust solution, it can be used in a wider range of workplaces than the lighter duty products.

Trackless Mobile Shelving is designed with commercial and office-based environments in mind.Trackless Mobile Shelving range is quick and simple to install as it only uses one guide rail along the rear of the system, which removes the need for fixed tracks, leaving unobstructed aisles and reducing trip hazards.

HD1000 shelving system is the heavy duty version of the mobile storage system range. It’s robust enough to carry large loads for the most rigorous of storage requirements in industrial settings.

Longspan Shelving

When it comes to storing hand loaded heavy or bulky items, it’s hard to beat Longspan Shelving System, also known as Widespan.

This heavy-duty shelving option offers you flexibility, easy product access and can be customised to suit your stock range.

We install the following Racking Systems:

Wide Aisle Racking

Wide Aisle Racking his is also known as Standard Pallet Racking or Adjustable Pallet Racking. The flexibility of this system makes it ideal for general warehouse racking applications in a wide range of sectors, from food and drink to heavy industry and logistics.

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow Aisle Racking systems can dramatically increase storage density by reducing aisle width by up to 50% compared to a standard pallet racking solution. Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking delivers excellent use of warehouse space and maximises the height available for stacking goods, making Narrow Aisle Racking a popular choice for distribution centres and warehouses.

Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Racking stores pallets two deep at each pick face for more efficient use of warehouse space. It’s ideal for use in a range of industries and sectors, including food and drink, industrial and manufacturing workplaces.

Similar to standard and wide aisle products, Double Deep Pallet Racking uses adjustable steel frames and beams to support goods. By doubling the capacity at each pallet location, items can be much more densely stored, which means better use of the space in your customers’ stockroom or warehouse.

Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive In Racking is an extremely space efficient storage solution for warehouses and industrial environments.

This high-density pallet racking system is perfect for bulk stock storage. It uses a first-in-last-out system, where each pallet is driven back into the aisle by a forklift or another manual handling vehicle. This is possible thanks to rails running the depth of the racking that helps guide each pallet into position.

Push Back Racking

Push Back Racking is an extremely space-effective way of storing pallets for a well-organised warehouse.

Each pallet is loaded in sequence onto wheeled carriers at differing heights, and it is then pushed further back into the lane by subsequent deposits. Inclined steel guide channels ensure the pallets are kept in place to fully utilise the depth of each aisle.

Pallet Live Storage

Pallet Live Storage is a dynamic ‘first-in’ ‘first-out’ pallet racking solution, which is ideal when stock date is important. The key advantages of this product are that it offers an extremely high storage density, provides automatic stock rotation and requires minimal use of forklift trucks.

Carlton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage, also known as flow racking, works in the same way as pallet live storage but is used for stock that is loaded and picked by hand.

Each bay has a roller track angled at a slight gradient, with the lower side at the picking face. Items are loaded at the higher end and roll down to replace each item that is removed, creating a first-in, first-out system that is particularly ideal for efficient stock control of date-sensitive items.

Pallet Shuttle System 

Pallett Shuttle System is the most effective for storing large amounts of bulk items. Unlike traditional bulk pallet storage options, the shuttle system offers extremely long storage lanes and an effective way of keeping them fully loaded.

An automated shuttle travels up and down the lane allowing pallets to be stored at greater depths. The shuttle sits on top of a guide or support rails and transports each pallet to the appropriate position. Built-in sensors on the shuttle detect the previous pallet and place the next one in the correct position.

Mobile Pallet Racking

If you need a space-saving solution for palletised storage, mobile pallet racking is ideal. This innovative UK made warehouse storage system is suitable for a range of industries and sectors.

The racking is mounted on a mobile chassis which moves along guide tracks set into the warehouse floor. The floor space for only one moving operating aisle is required to access all pallet locations.


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