Social Facility Fit-Outs

Social Facility Fit-Outs

Did you know that at The Creative Construction Group we also design and fit interiors for social facilities like restaurants, bars and clubs. We follow the process from the initial interior designing phase all the way through to the in-store fittings.

Fitting Interior Render

An example of a finished interior design and has been rendered in an illustrative style to present what your finished product can look like before anything is fitted. Knowing what your interior looks like before it has been fitted gives you freedom of being able to pick and choose your favourite and not so favourite parts of the design and tailor certain parts of the interior to however you please.

Fitted Interior

A fully fitted facility, this is how your ideas and the interior designs come to life.

Wanting to get into or want to renovate your current social facility? Get in contact with us for a consultation about your future plans, our team will help you every step of the way on bringing your dreams to life.