Mezzanine Flooring – What Is a Mezzanine Floor?

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A Mezzanine Floor is a raised platform that can either stand independently or with the use of a building structure, that is supported from beneath by steel columns.

Mezzanine Floors create further space and are used by organisations in various industries such as:


Mezzanine Floors help to maximise floor space and reduce the congestion built up in small areas. It can also be an effective and appealing way to showcase items and has been said to increase sales.


With the continual changes in supply and demand, the requirements of warehousing frequently change. Therefore, the ability to maximise space within as well as ease of access is a major feature to input in a distribution centre. A Mezzanine Floor is a perfect answer to meet these requirements.


If you are looking for additional office space, or to add office space to a different area of business e.g. a production unit, then a mezzanine floor is the perfect solution. A Mezzanine Floor allows you to increase the amount of space available, without reducing the amount of floor space below.


When space below a Mezzanine Floor is not needed, the space that is created is priceless. Whether this space is used for filing and other documents, for keeping stock or goods or just for general storage, a well-designed space can be beneficial for all.


In large premises, the main spaces that are being wasted is that above. To maximise the amount of space available, a Mezzanine Floor is a perfect answer. Particularly in automated processes where the floor can handle machinery and other aspects of the automation process.


Mezzanine Floors provide the perfect storage solutions, generally in a stronger and more flexible way than shelving and racking. This allows for better planning of the warehouse, making stock easier to access when required.


Mezzanine Floors are commonly used in production, particularly when business begins to expand. To overcome the demand for more space without incurring large costs and disruption to daily business, a Mezzanine Floor is a perfect solution. Better yet, a mezzanine floor can also be deconstructed and moved to new premises if the business growth exceeds the limits of the current location.


Manufacturing facilities rely on maximizing productivity and efficiency being built into their workspace. Mezzanine Floors allow for the process to run as efficiently as possible by maximising productivity. Mezzanine Floors are designed bespoke to the requirements of each business. Therefore, they are designed with load-bearing for heavy equipment and people working on them in mind.

A steel structured mezzanine floor maximises the use of space by utilising the area overhead in a building, with minimal disruption and generally without the need for planning permission.

A vast majority of Mezzanine Floors are designed and built bespoke to the requirements of the space that it will sit in. This means that Mezzanine Floors are fully adjustable to meet the specific needs of any business, with various flooring, sizes, finishes and uses available. It is far more practical, cheaper and easier to install a Mezzanine Floor than it is to mo

ve premises.

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