What makes a good shop fitting?

What Makes A Good Shopfitting?

A good shop fitting lets customers easily manoeuvre around your space and interact with their surrounding within your shop space. Making sure that your items are placed in the correct spots within your space will boost your customer base and make returning customers a more frequent sight.

Using materials and colours that connect with your brand will also help current and potential customers to shop with you, over businesses that have elected to not make the connection between their space and their brand. For instance, a company with an orange and white themed logo may decide to have the majority of their interior in white and accent it with orange. This helps to customers current or potential to connect the area with the brand on a more personal level.

Data shows that in most cases when a customer enters a shop or business space that they tend to turn right more than left. This means that the ‘highlight’ and most common areas that customers go to should be located on the right-hand side of the space, and should have a clear pathway leading to them. This can also mean that you can get creative with the space, have multiple eye-catching and imaginative displays for your customers to interact with. This will help drive a younger audience to your space as well and bringing in another demographic to your brand.

Another good idea may be to have some form of seating within the space, this will mean the space does not only have to be used for business but also allows for socialisation and interaction between customers to be easier. This can also help certain people within multiple demographics to use your space without having to worry. This can be a great source for people who may not be able to stay on their feet for too long or to help carers be able to come into your space and use your services. This will also allow them to look through your space at anything they may not have noticed before, driving business to every corner of the allocated space.

Making aisles and objects movable is another feature that makes a good shop fitting. Being able to change the orientation of your space is a valuable asset as it allows the customers to be wowed every time they visit the space, it allows for the area to not become stale and boring which can lead to customers going to other shop spaces because it is somewhere new and exciting to look at. Although being susceptible to moving features around your space; make sure it is not done regularly, this can also be off-putting to customers as everytime they enter the space what they are looking for may have moved and they may not be able to find it easily; therefore driving them away for your space.

A shop fitting isn’t only the interior space though, the fitting can include the shop front, any brand signs, the building of the space and much more. Allowing as much time as possible in the planning stage of the fit-out will guarantee a better result, this allows for everything to be meticulously thought out and tested before it is put into place for the last time. Shop fits don’t have to be expensive to be the best, a unique design with the right characteristics is what makes attracts customers.

As with everything you are never going to please everyone, but if you can accommodate for every type of person to be able to use your space, then you have the best chance of growing your brand and having a large returning customer base. Allowing for people who may have a hard time navigating a normal shop space will certainly help your brand, and will bring people from all demographics to your business.

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