Why Office Furniture Matters!

Office Furniture

Office furniture is a key component in office design. Whether you are re-using furniture in a quick makeover or purchasing new furniture as part of a lavish new office refurbishment, ensuring you choose the correct furniture is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Ok, so what needs to be taken into account when choosing office furniture?

A fair amount of business owners make a decision based solely on the price, taking the cheapest route without thinking about any of the important features of the furniture. Considering that most workers will spend the majority of their time at work sat at a desk or workstation, it is important that you take their needs into account. The needs of individuals will vary throughout, but you will most likely be able to see a couple of common needs: comfort, aesthetics, practicality and durability.


The most important factor of them all, comfort is the number one need for all office furniture. You wouldn’t purchase an uncomfortable sofa or other seating for your home, so why would anyone want to spend between 5 and 10 plus hours in uncomfortable seating, every day!

Office chairs and seating isn’t the only furniture that needs to be comfortable. Desks are as important as chairs. Desks are typically the other main piece of furniture that make up traditional workstations. Because of this, you need to ensure that these are comfortable for workers, whether that means height adjustment, standing or running desks, or a stand-up desk, we need to be sure that workers are able to be comfortable when working.

Another aspect of comfort in furniture would be ergonomics. Ergonomic furniture is designed to decrease the negative effects of standard furniture, e.g. they help with health issues like backache, and will try to promote a good posture in order to prevent this.


With the rise of millennials in the working population, they bring with them a new need in office furniture. Aesthetics. Along with the need for comfort, furniture now needs to be appealing to look at, whether that means a variety of colours or a sleek design, there is a greater need than ever for furniture to look good.

Your staff members shouldn’t be the only ones who like the look of the furniture. If you have clients, suppliers or business partners visiting, if chosen correctly, the furniture should be the first thing they notice. Furniture may not just portray your brands’ identity to visitors, but will also leave a good first and hopefully lasting impression with them.


Besides furniture being aesthetically pleasing, it needs to be practical. There is no point having a 6ft wide desk in a 7ft wide room since you won’t be able to easily access the desk from either side, it would be more like a roadblock. Also you don’t want to have furniture that you do not need, that would be a waste of space and would be highly impractical if you need something specific but have no floor space available, e.g. you need a printer, but a filing cupboard that is never used is in the space where you would put it.

You may also opt to have breakout furniture, in this case, you need to ensure that it is designed for the specific use in mind. For example, if you are going to have a breakout area where workers can go on their breaks, you don’t want to have a desk or a boardroom style table. Instead, you would want something more house like, maybe a smaller coffee table surrounded by a couple of sofas or bean bags. Whereas if you want a breakout area for quiet work, maybe you would have some single desks with a chair, situated in a quiet area of the building.


As stated previously many business owners make a decision to purchase the cheapest option available to them. However, this may become an issue when it comes to the life cycle of the furniture. Typically, as with any item, the cheaper it is the less reliable it will be. That doesn’t mean to say that all inexpensive options are not viable in this area, but it is common for them to become problematic after extensive use.

More expensive and generally more upmarket furniture manufacturers furniture will have better build quality, will be made from stronger materials and generally will have a longer life cycle in comparison to cheaper furniture. This is typically why they are more expensive, as they will cost more to produce due to designing around these factors, but you have to consider the cost over time in order to make your final decision.


Overall there are multiple factors that need to be taken into account when purchasing office furniture. There are many more reasons you may or may not buy a specific product, but these are the main factors that we would look at when choosing office furniture.

As a result of the decisions you make when choosing your furniture, you will be able to create comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, practical and durable office interiors that can withstand the day to day life in the office.

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